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Sep 10

Apple Updates App Store Terms and Guidelines

As summarized here, Apple just updated their App Store’s terms and guidelines. Although they still leave lots of room for interpretation and cut themselves plenty of slack, the announcement brings a breath of fresh air with it. Already the third party Google Voice app is being prepped for submission, Adobe is resuming work on the Flash to iPhone conversion tool, and AdMob is breathing a sigh of relief. It’s definitely a step in the right direction and strategic. As Apple commands more mind share and exerts a disproportionate amount of influence on the smart phone market, it becomes more important for Apple to be seen as fair to keep regulators off their back.

Despite Apple’s growing prominence, as other platforms such as Android collectively catch up, their market position will become less impenetrable. While it will be very hard if not impossible to match Apple’s polish with the iOS, once the Android interface and usability reach a certain point it will become “good enough” for average consumers just like Windows continues to dominate in the desktop operating system. Right now the main competitive advantage of the Apple mobile platform is the seamless experience you get as a consumer, stable and consistent APIs (and degree of backward compatibility) across the iOS devices not to mention excellent documentation (official and unofficial) for developers, and attractive revenue streams for businesses. So much of the success in this market is built on ensuring users and other businesses participating in the App Store and keeping it vibrant that it’s a smart move to iron out all the issues and concerns expressed by communities before other platforms catch up.

Daring Fireball: A Taste of What’s New in the Updated App Store License Agreement and New Review Guidelines

Sep 10

Apple’s Ping Goes Bang with 1 Million Users in 2 Days

Apple’s Ping just got 1 million users in 2 days. Granted they already have your email and credit card number, it’s still a nice launch that even the most promising web startups can replicate. Although initially spurned by Facebook, the companies are still in discussion. What other social components could Apple be possibly developing next? Location maybe? Game Center will perhaps have a broader and direct impact on connecting users through competition and also require a significant investment in infrastructure. However, the success or failure of Ping will be something others at the intersection of web and music will be paying close attention to. As a sign of life, Ping is already getting spammers.

Apple’s Ping gains a million users in first two days — Engadget

Sep 10

Apple Gets Serious About the Entertainment Cloud

The Apple press event did not dissappoint. Apple overhauled the iPod shuffle, nano, and touch. The shuffle sort of took a step back by adding back controls to the body (which many agree is a good thing and also shows their commitment to designing great products even if it means going back to the drawing board). The nano got a touch screen not to mention the fact that it now runs on iOS. Although, you can’t install apps on the new iPod nano, you get all the touch screen sexiness in addition to a FM tuner and integration with Nike+ which is amazing.
The iPod Touch gains the much awaited camera (back and front) to enable FaceTime and a retina display. It will also be eventually compatible with GameCenter. The iPad will finally join the multi-tasking iOS4 family in a November software update.

Flickr on Apple TV 09/01/2010

iTunes got upgraded to 10, sporting a new logo that drops the CD metaphor. The new iTunes 10 includes a social network called Ping that allows you to follow other users and get recommendations. Although this is nothing new and already defined by a number of startups such as last.fm, pandora, and mog, the big difference is that Apple owns the device and retail space.

The iTunes update also includes AirPlay, an updated way to stream your content to other devices. This is where the new $99 Apple TV comes in. In addition to movie and television show rentals, Apple TV now integrates with Netflix and YouTube for viewing and Rotten Tomatoes for ratings. Another interesting feature is the ability to stream from your ipod Touch, iPhone, or iPad (which also double as remotes) to Apple TV. This new feature will be part of an upcoming iOS 4 update.

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