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Sep 10

Gmail Priority Inbox

Google Gmail’s priority inbox is rolling out gradually rolling out. In a nutshell it helps you find the needle of critical emails in the haystack of your inbox. If you’re like me or most other users, despite implementing a system of labels, starring, and archiving you still end up missing important messages.

Trying to keep your inbox down to zero is a futile attempt that only results in you frantically checking your emails regardless of where you are, be it your desk, on your phone, or even logging in at a random public computer in an internet cafe. You still can’t escape that sinking feeling when you boot your computer on Monday.

Gmail already does a great job with spam filters and a core part of their search technology is trying to keep ahead of marketers trying to grab your attention with lackluster content, so it was only a matter of time before they extended that technology to keep you one step ahead of your inbox.

The way it works is that you’re given another “priority” inbox that predicts which messages are likely to be important to you. As you go through these messages you vote these messages “+” or “-” depending on how accurate the priority inbox was. For messages that didn’t make the cut, you can vote them up for next time. Within the priority inbox, starred messages are shown in a split view so you can go back and process those.

I recently declared email bankruptcy right before I was invited into the beta, but it looks very promising so far. My inbox was getting quite unkempt and now I wont have to worry so much about scanning headers so diligently.

Despite being quite useful, I can’t help but wonder how much more dependent I can become on Google and their helpful algorithms before I let my own tastes be defined by machines.

The explosion of information coming in via social networks and media is making it more and more important to find ways to curate content. Another approach we’ve seen is social curation efforts such as Flipboard where you’re presented with a mix of news based on what your social network friends are sharing and semantic analysis. This space will probably grow more as we digest more information.

Sep 10

Apple Gets Serious About the Entertainment Cloud

The Apple press event did not dissappoint. Apple overhauled the iPod shuffle, nano, and touch. The shuffle sort of took a step back by adding back controls to the body (which many agree is a good thing and also shows their commitment to designing great products even if it means going back to the drawing board). The nano got a touch screen not to mention the fact that it now runs on iOS. Although, you can’t install apps on the new iPod nano, you get all the touch screen sexiness in addition to a FM tuner and integration with Nike+ which is amazing.
The iPod Touch gains the much awaited camera (back and front) to enable FaceTime and a retina display. It will also be eventually compatible with GameCenter. The iPad will finally join the multi-tasking iOS4 family in a November software update.

Flickr on Apple TV 09/01/2010

iTunes got upgraded to 10, sporting a new logo that drops the CD metaphor. The new iTunes 10 includes a social network called Ping that allows you to follow other users and get recommendations. Although this is nothing new and already defined by a number of startups such as, pandora, and mog, the big difference is that Apple owns the device and retail space.

The iTunes update also includes AirPlay, an updated way to stream your content to other devices. This is where the new $99 Apple TV comes in. In addition to movie and television show rentals, Apple TV now integrates with Netflix and YouTube for viewing and Rotten Tomatoes for ratings. Another interesting feature is the ability to stream from your ipod Touch, iPhone, or iPad (which also double as remotes) to Apple TV. This new feature will be part of an upcoming iOS 4 update.

Apple Overhauls iPod Lineup

Appleā€™s Ping Music Social Network Starts With 160 Million Users

The new Apple TV for $99 — Engadget

Apple introduces 4th gen iPod touch with camera

Sep 10

In Facebook We Trust: $2 Billion 2010 Revenue

According to tech gossip trickling to TechCrunch, many insiders are saying Facebook will be making $2 billion in 2010 revenue. When MySpace was still on the rise, many pundits were dismissive of how badly social network traffic converted to sales. What Facebook did was focus on clean implementation and technology. As a result, they created their own ad network that produces highly targeted and fine grained controls that are every marketers dream. With 500 million users sharing everything from their real names, location, addresses, hobbies and friends networks, it might even prove to be more lucrative than Google’s network. The challenge will be in keeping targeting quality high as advertising costs go up (with the sites ever growing popularity).

There is also the possibility that Facebook could open up their advertising technology for other sites to participate in as well as the very real possibility of more aggressively monetizing social games and other applications utilizing the Facebook platform.

As a point of comparison, Google first crossed the $1 billion in revenue threshold in 2004, the year they went public. By 2006 they had $10 billion in revenue, and they crossed $20 billion in 2008.

Facebook Will Hit $2 Billion 2010 Revenue, Says Mob Of Unofficial Facebook Spokespersons