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When the Cloud Goes Poof

Clouds are all the rage but as we move more of our stuff into the cloud you have to wonder what happens when the cloud dissappears? As a rule, reputable cloud providers be it hosting or web services always give us multiple backups. However, that doesn’t mean disaster can’t strike. For example, what happens if you put all your photos online and you get shut down for a TOS violation? Even if you eventually prove your innocense there are many people who have had their accounts shut down and content deleted without any recourse. This is where I see services like Backupify filling in a nice gap. However, getting your data out of the backups and onto another service becomes more and more prohibitive as you accumulate more data and that’s something that can’t be solved without dramatically improving data transmission speed and removing I/O bottlenecks. Just recently 3PAR, a cloud storage company, was acquired by Dell for $1.6 billion.

Backupify Raises $4.5 Million To Back Up Data In The Cloud